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Asset Mapper

With Asset Mapper you can locate, track and update information on all your assets, both inside and outside.

Traditionally, Asset Management workflow such as work orders, maintenance logs or repair requests were created and stored on paper and physically shared between admin teams and work crews.

This information necessitated manual handling and physical data entry; losing companies time, visibility of the end-to-end process and costing significant effort.

Data was then stored on any number of bulky, disconnected systems which led organisations to pursue costly and labour-intensive integration exercises as they sought to modernise their methods.

With INTMAN, double handling of tasks, paperwork and manual inputting of data into legacy systems is completely eliminated, delivering tangible time and cost benefit.

And uniquely, INTMAN includes an extensive mobile workforce management solution, incorporating geo-mapping, tracking, route optimisation and mobile workflow along with a suite of crystal-clear, high resolution aerial maps.

ACE Scientific

INTMAN is partnered with ACE Scientific; a longstanding leader in the high-volume asset management field.

ACE Scientific services clients in State and Local Government across Australia and New Zealand, with portfolios spanning prisons to botanical gardens and everything in between, along with major Australian Universities with massive building and open space interests.

With decades of experience in the field, ACE Scientific has watched as hundreds of organisations collect huge amounts of data with no real means to effectively identify the useful or high value material from amongst the noise.

ACE Scientifics purpose is to find ways to assist its clients harvest and maintain better, more valuable data. Better data leads to better decision making, reducing effort, risk and cost.

In INTMAN, ACE Scientific found a kindred spirit and a means to significantly streamline their data collection, storage and maintenance processes. ACE Scientific now uses INTMAN to service well over 10,000 assets for its extensive client base; providing high-quality and high-value data to enable ever more effective business practices.

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