Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce gets the job done! Keep your people ticking along and your clients happy.

INTMAN’s powerful feature set includes rostering, route planning, tracking and mobile work order management.

INTMAN enables organisations to deliver a consistently high standard of work, delivered with maximum efficiency and is ideal for companies such as:

  • Courier and Messenger services
  • Fast Food delivery
  • Community Care
  • Rideshare and Taxi services
  • Any Mobile Business (Auto Detailing, Cleaning Services etc.)

Good Cycles

In 2019 INTMAN partnered with Good Cycles—an independent, not-for-profit social enterprise, offering employment opportunities to young people who may otherwise be at risk of social disengagement.

As well as providing its people with ongoing employment, training and development, Good Cycles’ fleet of electric cargo bikes provides commercial asset management services normally undertaken in cars and vans—reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

Good Cycles’ extensive asset management portfolio includes:

  • Asset management & critical response for around 400 solar compactor bins for Citywide/City of Melbourne
  • Managing laneway compactor bins for Citywide/City of Melbourne
  • Car washing for over 1000 car share vehicles for Flexicar, GoGet, Hertz and RACV
  • Asset management and data collection for RACV Melbourne Bike Share

INTMAN allows Good Cycles to plan its workforce’s schedules and routes effectively and with optimum efficiency.

Good Cycles’ mobile workers are able to access, carry out and update work orders onsite and in real-time, saving countless hours in administration time and ensuring all information is accurate and up to date.

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