Real Time Monitoring

Telemetry Toolbox

With Telemetry Toolbox the office can have real-time access to data from environmental sensors.

Telemetry Toolbox uses a map based approach to display real-time data using heatmaps and powerful popups incorporating processed data and charts.

City of Melbourne

A key goal for the City of Melbourne (CoM) marketing team is to develop the capability to prompt people to explore more of the city and spend more with businesses located across the municipality in a programmed approach that demonstrates return on investment (ROI).

To activate the city, CoM needs to be able to connect people to the right offer – e.g. precincts and the activities, events, and businesses within precincts, in a contextually relevant and timely fashion.

CoM has multiple proprietary datasets available which INTMAN has allowed them to fully leverage to activate the city in a geographically and contextually relevant way.

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